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Call us crazy, but we love this list because it shows just how easy it can be to make small changes that help Mother Earth. From washing our clothes less frequently to investing in colored towels, here 10 super simple tips to give your laundry routine an eco-friendly makeover!

How to give your laundry routine an eco-friendly makeover

1. Only wash full loads (aka, wash less often)

According to the EPA, the average clothes washer uses 31 gallons of water per load.

To put that in perspective, that’s about the amount of water it takes to flush a toilet 20 times or take a 12-minute shower.

By waiting to do laundry until you have a full load, you’ll save water and energy. Not to mention, you’ll save yourself time overall. 

2. Choose detergent carefully

Many store-bought detergents, softeners, and dryer sheets are loaded with chemicals that can be carcinogenic and harmful on the planet. To ensure your products are safe, we recommend scoping out how they rank on

Here are a few clean laundry detergent standouts to put on your radar:

Green laundry routine

And if you’re open to the DIY route, we love this recipe from Wholefully that’s made without borax (a common ingredient in cleaning products that has been linked to irritation, hormone issues, toxicity, and even death).

3. Use cold water

Did you know about 90% of the energy involved with laundry goes towards heating the water? So skip the hot water and you’ll reduce your carbon emissions and prevent your clothes from shrinking.

4. Let clothes air dry

Especially in the summer months, air drying outside is the way to go! Just avoid putting dark colors in bright sunlight because they may fade. But even in the cold wintry months, take advantage of indoor drying racks to reduce energy usage. Plus, your clothes can last longer with less dryer tumbling.  

5. Use dryer balls instead of sheets

Dryer balls give clothes a nice fluff and scent without the chemicals that come with most dryer sheets. And dryer balls also help clothes dry faster (hence, the name), which helps save time, money, energy, and water.

Here’s a DIY tutorial to make your own dryer balls with old socks or you can purchase vegan dryer balls on Etsy.

6. Be mindful of bleach (and skip fabric softener)

We know a dash of bleach here and there helps brighten up white tees and towels. And research shows that if bleach is used sparingly and correctly, it’s usually not dangerous. (NOTE: bleach absolutely comes with risks if it mixes with other ingredients, gets in eyes/lungs, or even comes in contact with skin). So if you’re like us, and would rather skip the risk altogether, we recommend this DIY All-Natural Homemade Bleach Alternative that’s made with lemon juice, baking soda, and vinegar.

Eco-friendly bleach alternative

On the other hand, fabric softeners should be avoided. They often contain phthalates, potentially harmful chemicals, and irritants = not worth it. Instead, essential oils and white vinegar are eco-friendly, safe alternatives.

7. Use bags to avoid shedding microplastics 

Plastic pollution is a serious problem on our planet—and, devastatingly, our clothes are contributing to as much as a third of the microplastics in the ocean.

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To help prevent this, consider investing in a bag like Guppy Friend, which helps reduce fiber shedding and protects your clothes. Also, you can toss Cora Ball in the load, which helps catch fibers.

8. Skip white towels

Especially if you wear makeup, white towels show everything. For us, opting for grey towels has been a complete game-changer. We don’t feel the need to use bleach, we get more use out of the towels, and we save energy + water + time. Laundry wins all around!

9. Invest in a reusable lint brush

Especially if you’ve got a furry friend, a lint brush works wonders to clean clothes with none of the water + energy usage. (And check out our tips on how to be an eco-friendly pet parent.)

10. Build an eco-conscious wardrobe 

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We’re big believers that investing in quality pieces that are super versatile is better for Mother Earth. 🌎Which is why we’re so proud to say our clothes are all ethically made using water-based ink. We also ship all orders in either biodegradable or recyclable material, and we make our clothes on demand to prevent overstocking. Oh, and we always donate 10% of profits to animal rescue and environmental organizations! 🌼

Learn more about how our clothes are made

Check out more tips to be more eco-friendly in your everyday:

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