8 simple ways to make Mother Earth happy
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Every single day we make so many choices — from what we eat and put on our bodies, to how we treat each other. And ultimately, all of our actions make a difference that’s soooo much greater than ourselves. Even though it can be intimidating to think about all the many ways we can be more planet-friendly, sometimes it’s a lot easier than we think!

Here are some ways to show love to the planet with your everyday lifestyle. Happy you, happy planet.

8 ways to make the planet a happier place to call home 

1. Get your compost on

Composting is a natural, eco-conscious way to recycle food at home. So, instead of throwing food in a trash can to decompose somewhere else — composting makes you actively part of the journey to decomposition. 


Usually, it takes a few months to get a healthy, rich soil that looks like earth in a bin (not rotting food). Patience is key! But once you have your compost, you can use it in many different, awesome ways. And as you get into a rhythm, composting will become more than an eco-friendly action, it will become an everyday habit that brings you closer to Mother Earth. 

Curious? Check out our full guide to composting

2. Clean green

Many household cleaning products are super wasteful (hello, plastic single-use jugs and paper towels) and they’re also often filled with toxic ingredients. So before you start scrubbing every surface in sight, consider making some planet-friendly changes to your cleaning routine.

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Here are five planet-friendly ways to clean your home:

  • Ditch paper towels
  • Scrub with old toothbrushes
  • Purchase eco-friendly cleaning products like Aunt Fannie’s, Common Good, and Veles
  • Clean with baking soda and vinegar
  • Make DIY cleaning products

3. Stop throwing out food

If you’re a healthy eater, studies show that you’re more likely to waste food compared to the average person. That’s largely because healthier eaters buy more fruits and veggies, which tend to go bad faster than processed foods. 

Meal prep

We’re definitely not suggesting you should replace cucumbers with candy, but consider freezing more food, decluttering your fridge, and meal prepping. And get creative with the food you already have by turning old bananas into banana bars and broccoli stalks into pesto.  

4. Say no to single-use plastic

Bamboo straw


So many reusables are available, which makes it really easy to reject everything from plastic cling wrap to plastic cutlery. And the more swaps you embrace in your life, the more you’ll come to love all your reusables like Stasher bags, cloth totes, and vegan food wraps

5. Green your beauty routine

Your beauty routine doesn’t have to come with a landfilling conscience. From washable makeup removers pads and clean makeup, to DIY face masks and eco-friendly sunscreen, there are sooooo many ways to tweak your habits to be healthier for the planet (and you).  

But before you toss everything you own and buy a bunch of new eco-friendly beauty products, evaluate what you already own. The ThinkDirty app can be helpful when sifting through products to see where you could improve and where you might already be excelling (and just don’t know it!). 

6. Make your self-care more sustainable 

Self care

Bath-lovers and nappers, this one’s for you! From vegan bath bombs to eco-friendly pajamas, there are so many ways to take care of you while taking care of the planet. Whether you’re a lover of stretchy yoga flows, staycations, long walks, or day hikes… take advantage of the many ways to recharge in a way that’s gentle on Mother Earth.  

7. Shop mindfully

Ethical Wholesome Culture

As a general rule, it’s always better to buy stuff you’ll want to re-wear than something that’ll shred in one machine wash or will hang in your closet unworn for months (or years). Also, consider thrifting! It’s an affordable way to give pre-loved treasures a second life (that’ll also keep things out of landfills!). 

And follow these tips to make sure you’re supporting ethical fashion brands — we know it can be hard to sort through what’s eco-friendly… and what’s not. 

8. Slow down

Slow down

Nourishing a sense of slowness in everyday lifestyles is an amazing way to show love to Mother Earth. Skip the car to walk, meditate, opt for a road trip instead of a plane ride. Small changes over periods of time really add up!

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