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Spread the love with random acts of kindness for every aspect of your life! We had so much fun writing this list of 80 ways to show kindness to the planet 🌎, yourself, your friends and fam, your colleagues, strangers, and animals đŸ·đŸ¶! And we hope it gives you a little inspiration to spread the love in whatever way speaks most to you.

P.S. If you need some extra motivation, this six-year-old girl performed 1,000 random acts of kindness

80 super simple random acts of kindness ideas 

Ways to show kindness to the planet 

random act of kindness for the planet hug a tree

  1. Pick up a piece of litter
  2. Plant  a tree
  3. Take a moment to appreciate the trees for all they do for us
  4. Compost
  5. Wake up extra early and show some love for the sunrise
  6. Do a street clean or beach clean up! 
  7. Support your local farmers market or grocery store
  8. Skip the car and walk instead (or use public transportation)
  9. Stargaze
  10. Have a zero-waste picnic zero waste picnic
  11. Listen to a sustainable-minded podcast (two of our favorites: Sustainababble and Hippie Haven Podcast)
  12. Have a no-buy day
  13. Take shorter showers
  14. Remember your reusables (mug, totes, straws, and utensils)
  15. Savor your leftovers stored in plastic-free containers 
  16. Switch to LEDs

    Ways to show kindness to yourself

  17. Take yourself on a date 
  18. Write a handwritten love note to yourself 
  19. Take a nap
  20. Jot inspiring messages on post-its and put them in places you see often (bathroom mirror, nightstand, fridge)
  21. DANCE.  30 seconds is all you need to get those endorphins going!
  22. Make a new, healthy plant-based recipe with one of your fave ingredients. Need some inspiration? Check out this post: 10 Bold recipes that’ll make you feel like you deserve a cooking show
  23. Wear an outfit that makes you feel amazing (even just to the grocery store! Why not?!) 
  24. Plan something BIG for 2020 — go skydiving, take that road trip or finally visit your friend living in a different state)
  25. Make more time to read
  26. Schedule medical appointments and keep them (!!!)
  27. Make a vision boardvision board
  28. Meditate
  29. Do something outside of your comfort zone! 
  30. Write in a gratitude journal

    Ways to show kindness to your friends and family

  31. Take 20 minutes to intently listen to a friend or family member
  32. Dedicate your yoga practice or a meal to someone special in your life
  33. Call a relative that wouldn’t expect to hear from you
  34. Give a hug (with permission, of course!)share kindness
  35. Offer to babysit (or pet sit) for someone you know could use a night off
  36. Share the plant-based love and host a yummy vegan feast
  37. Send a handwritten card to someone you’ve been thinking about
  38. Treat a friend to a coffee, lunch, or ice cream date
  39. Text a friend a fun picture from the past just to show them you’re thinking of them
  40. Show up on time! 
  41. Gift someone a food delivery gift card, so their next meal is on you
  42. Give a DIY soy vegan candleshare kindness
  43. Unplug at your next dinner — give someone your full attention! 
  44. Share your favorite book with someone you think would like it as much as you
  45. Send someone a funny meme in the middle of the day
  46. Remember little things they say (like an interview coming up) so you can be that kind person who checks in

    Ways to show kindness to colleagues and peers 

  47. Gift someone a pretty indoor plant for their deskshare kindness
  48. Compliment someone who doesn’t get acknowledged often! 
  49. Invite someone to lunch or coffee who you don’t interact with regularly
  50. Make room at a conference table share kindness
  51. Ask someone how their weekend was or about upcoming plans in the elevator
  52. Bring in goodies to the office (our suggestion: our homemade chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies!)
  53. Make a fresh pot of (ethical) coffee
  54. Attempt to start and end meetings on time
  55. Give someone unsolicited praise 
  56. Schedule a team happy hour! 
  57. Offer to help someone out on a project they’ve been working on

    Ways to show random acts of kindness to random strangers share kindness

  58. Give a generous tip to someone like a friendly Lyft/Uber driver or a thoughtful barista!
  59. Return your shopping cart
  60. Buy a stranger in line behind you a cup of coffee
  61. Donate a book 
  62. Put change in a parking meter that’s close to expiring

  63. Smile and wave in your Being Kind Is Cool crew!
  64. Leave a sweet note on a random person’s windshield 
  65. Write a thoughtful Yelp review for an awesome small business 
  66. Give someone who is homeless a pair of socks 
  67. Make more eye contact
  68. Be that nice person on the road who let’s someone in your lane, kindly

    Ways to show kindness to animals

  69. Participate in a fundraiser for animals
  70. Choose cruelty-free products as much as possible
  71. If you have a doggie pal, take them on an extra long walk 
  72. Eat less meat! 
  73. Consider adopting, if you’re looking for a new furry friend
  74. Donate to an organization like Best Friends Animal Society or The Honeybee Conservancy
  75. Build a DIY birdhouse
  76. Put a small dish with water in your backyard/porch to dehydrate some thirsty pollinators! 
  77. Watch an animal awareness documentary (some of our faves are: The Cove, The World’s Most Wanted Animal, and Our Planet)
  78. Vow to stay away from leather, animal fur, fleece, silk, and wool
  79. Donate your crochet snuggly creations to Comfort for Critters
  80. Give your time to a meaningful animal rescue organization (check out VolunteerMatch.org for opportunities)

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