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Whether or not you’d describe yourself as a germaphobe or a fan of elbow bumps, one thing we should all be doing a lot of right now (and always) is: washing our hands. 

Since we all live on Mother Earth together and probably spend a good chunk of our lives in public places — hand washing is essential. Because even when practicing social distancing, chances are, we’re still touching everything from phone screens to purse straps, which can be some very dirty places (yuck). So say bye-bye to germs with our favorite hand washing tips!

How to wash your hands (and enjoy doing it)

There are so many informative hand washing videos — and funny ones! But the gist is, wash them for at least 20 seconds. And don’t forget your thumbs, the back of your hands, and the spaces between your fingers. Eco tip: Remember to turn the water off in between getting your hands wet and rinsing the soap off. You’ll save lots of water!

For a full hand washing tutorial, check out the CDC’s When and How to Wash Your Hands Guide. You may just surprise yourself with how much there is to know! 

Once you’ve got the basics under your belt, here are some ways to make those 20 seconds a little extra joyful:

  • Use the Wash Your Lyrics generator that matches lyrics (to a song of your choice) with instructions on how to wash your hands properly.

hand washing

  • Make up your own hand washing song or poem (like Dateline’s Keith Morrison
  • Think about all the icky bacteria sliding off your hands — that pretty much does it for us! 
  • Do a little dance while you wash — why not?! Just stay more focused on scrubbing than your moves!
  • Think of it as a time to practice meditation. Slowing down for 20 seconds is a nice way to focus on our breath and recharge for a few moments.

While we love the satisfying feeling of scrubbing away germs, we’d also love to live without the weird ingredients found in many soaps. And we’d also happily skip all those extra plastic bottles hanging around our homes. (We can only upcycle so many containers into flower vases!)

So we’ve been on the lookout for a mindful company that not only creates cruelty-free soap with clean ingredients, but also is conscious of its carbon footprint. Enter: Truly Free Aloe Hand Soap


The toxin-free soap is made with natural ingredients like concentrated Aloe vera, salt, and a coconut oil derived cleaner. And rest assured knowing it’s not made with any SLS, fragrance, dyes, thickeners, or Triclosan — a sketchy chemical that has been linked to hormone disruption

Unlike many soaps, it’s super gentle and nourishing, thanks to the Aloe vera. So you wont get that cracking, dried-out sensation that makes your hands feel like tree bark. 

But what makes this soap extra special to us is that it comes in a refillable bottle made of recyclable plastic. So that way, instead of going through bottle after bottle, you can take advantage of their refillable pouches. Eco-friendly ✔ Toxin-free ✔ Cruelty-free ✔

Plus, you’ll get two bottles of hand soap FREE and save 56% if you purchase right now!

BONUS: We’re obsessed with the bottle, which sounds bizarre, but the green + white design brings joy to our bathroom and kitchen countertops. It’s the little things, right?

FYI, this is an affiliate post. So we’ll get a portion of profits from sales if you buy from the link in our blog (at no extra cost to you!). 

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