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April 7 is World Health Day, a day to not only create awareness of a specific health theme that’s an area of concern for the World Health Organization, but also remind us to be appreciative for our health and hardworking health care workers. This year’s 2021 theme is: “calling for action to eliminate health inequities, as part of a year-long global campaign to bring people together to build a fairer, healthier world.” We urge you to learn more about the event and the 2021 theme, here.

World Health Facts and Figures:

(Statistics pulled from World Health Organization)

  • Global poverty levels are predicted to rise and hinder the progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals for the first time in 20 years
  • Up to 60% of people living in some countries of the Region lack coverage with essential health services
  • More than 1 billion people living in informal settlements or slums are facing increased challenges in preventing infection and transmission of the coronavirus
  • The Asia-Pacific region as a whole account for nearly 82.5 million or 32% of the world’s international migrants
  • 5.9 million children in the Asia-Pacific Region are at risk of not returning back to school due to the disruption to education and the economic impact of the pandemic
  • 52% of the Asia-Pacific population remains unconnected to the internet

3 ways to help healthcare workers & celebrate World Health Day

1. Give thanks to a health care worker 

From midwives and nurses to surgeons and pharmacists, so many brave individuals are involved in the work of healing others through healthcare. So, send a quick text or call up a loved one who works in the medical field. A simple “thank you” goes a long way! Want to go the extra mile? Consider giving them an UberEats, Postmates, or other delivery service gift card. You can send the cards online, which means it’s easy and requires no physical contact. And as you help someone else fill up with a good meal, you’ll fill up on feel-good energy knowing you gave back. 

2. Consider donating blood

If you’re in a position to donate blood, consider scheduling an appointment. But be sure to check out The American Red Cross page to get more information regarding safety protocols first. 

3. Donate money 

Donate to your local hospital or organizations like Center for Disaster Philanthropy, Direct Relief, and Meals on Wheels.

BONUS: Celebrate your personal health

Go for a walk, run, or hike. Fill up on a healthy, plant-based foods. Meditate. Do something that honors your health in a way that speaks to you.

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