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We all know we’re supposed to get vitamin C in our lives, but do you really know why? 

Turns out, vitamin C helps us fight diseases and prevent infections by boosting our immune systems. And it’s not only a powerful antioxidant, but it’s also known for strengthening our bones, cells, and blood vessels. Pretty amazing, right?

Most adults need between 75 mg to 90 mg of vitamin C a day, according to the National Institute of Health, which is actually pretty easy to get in a diet, especially when we know where to look for it. From sweet potatoes to supplements, here are some of the many ways to get your body the vitamin C it needs to thrive.

Here are 12 ways to get more vitamin C in your life

1. Green Veggies

Everything from kale and garden cress to broccoli and Brussels sprouts will get you a good boost of vitamin C. So eat green and let your body reap the benefits!

Vitamin c

Here are some of our fave veg-ful recipes:

2. Strawberries

This sweet fruit is one of the richest fruit sources of Vitamin C — packing in about 89 mg per cup of strawberry halves.

Stir them in a smoothie, top them on this yummy coconut chia pudding from Choosing Chia, or eat them straight up with a fork! 

3. Bell peppers

Need an excuse to whip up a meal with some bell peppers? You’ve got it! Bell Peppers are packed with Vitamin C and Vitamin A — which is good for eye health. And one medium red bell pepper has about 152 mg of vitamin C, which exceeds what you need in a day!

4. Parsley 

Add a little parsley to your meals for a little extra oomph of vitamin C. Plus, parsley contains other important vitamins that’ll help your body thrive through every season. 

5. Papaya

Get a tart kick and vitamin C fix with papaya! The yummy fruit has 185 mg of vitamin C — about double the recommendation for how much you need daily. 

But considering papayas are pretty large — consider chopping it or making this insanely pretty and yummy smoothie bowl (just skip the honey to keep it vegan).

6. Chili peppers

Want a little heat? Get this: just one tiny red chili pepper will get you a good boost of Vitamin C (about 64 mg)… and a little zap in your step!

7. Guava

One guava gets you almost double the recommended amount of vitamin C most adults need in a day. Check out these Cherry Guava Protein Bites from Sense & Edibility — which also includes chia seeds, so you’ll get omega 3s!

8. Oranges

Vitamin C

Of course, oranges are on this list! One orange has 70 mg, which will get you pretty much all the vitamin C you need in a day. So enjoy the citrusy flavor while knowing you’re doing your body good.

9. Kiwi

The cutest little fruit is also a powerhouse in the vitamin C department. One kiwi packs 71 mg of the vitamin + potassium and folate.

10. Sweet potatoes

Another reason to love sweet potatoes: they’ve got vitamin C!

vitamin c

So make those sweet potato fries and add a little thyme to make it extra full of vitamin C goodness.

11. Cauliflower

buffalo cauliflower wings

 Cauliflower buffalo chick’n wings, anyone? Whether you’re a cauliflower rice addict or obsessed with cauliflower mash — you’re in luck because the nutritious vegetable is a rich source of vitamin C.

12. Vitamin C supplements 

If you’re concerned about your vitamin C intake and want all the immune-system boosting you can get like us, you may want to look into supplements. 

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But everyone is different, so be sure to talk to a health care provider before putting anything new in your body! 

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