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We all know feeling healthy is about so much more than pounding celery juice and using fancy spa products. In fact, we’re believers that taking care of our health is less about finding one magic fix and more about a combination of many things coming together — from what we eat, to what we put on our bodies, to what we think about ourselves and others.

But sometimes we all could use a little assistance (especially right now) when it comes to feeling our happiest and healthiest selves! Which is one of the many reasons we love and appreciate supplements. Not only do supplements add important nutrients that our diets and lifestyles may be lacking, but they also can help boost our overall feelings of wellnessSo whether you’re sensing a runny nose coming on or feeling seriously sun-starved, here are 7 supplements that help us feel our healthiest selves all year round. 

**Of course, everybody is different with individual needs and we always recommend chatting with a doctor/nutritionist before putting anything new in our bodies.**

7 supplements that help us feel our healthiest selves all year long

1. Vitamin C supplements

Vitamin C helps us fight diseases and prevent infections by boosting our immune systems. And it’s a powerful antioxidant that’s also known for strengthening our bones, cells, and blood vessels. Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Our favorite way to boost our lives with extra vitamin C is with PuraThrive’s Vitamin C supplement. It’s non-GMO, gluten-free, and dairy-free. Plus it’s not made with any artificial colors or flavors whatsoever ( 🙌). We love the slightly sweet, vanilla taste + the ease of adding droplets into our juices, smoothies, and waters. It’s so so much better than swallowing capsules.

Looking for more ways to get vitamin C in your everyday? We’ve got you: How to get more vitamin C in your life right now

2. Vitamin D supplements

Especially if you’ve been spending more time inside — hello, everyone — Vitamin D can be an essential supplement. We need vitamin D to keep our bones healthy, moods and hormones balanced, and brains functioning properly. So if you’re feeling cooped up and needing some sun rays, consider investing in the “sunshine vitamin.” 🌞

vitamins and supplements for healthy living

3. Magnesium supplements

Feeling stress out? Magnesium can help you channel more calmness in your body and brain. Not to mention, the mineral helps prevent headaches and keeps bowel movements healthy.

4. Turmeric supplements

Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory compound that’s shown to improve brain function and even lower the risk of heart disease. Plus, turmeric has been shown to give skin extra radiance and smoothness, which is a nice perk! Our go-to way to get turmeric in our lives is with PuraThrive’s Pure Turmeric Extract. It sources Organic Full Spectrum Turmeric, so you know you’re getting the best of the best! 

TIP: Avoid adding the droplets to any hot drinks or dishes — the high temperatures can make the supplement less effective. Instead, mix it in water, juices, smoothies, or chia puddings —  like this Turmeric Chia Pudding Recipe from PuraThrive.

5. Iron supplements

If you live a plant-based lifestyle, iron supplements can be integral to keeping your energy levels high, since iron is packed in non-vegan foods like red meat, shellfish, and turkey. Iron is also essential for blood production and overall body health — so it’s certainly not to be overlooked!

6. Algae oil/omega-3 supplements

Omega-3s are fatty acids that help keep our hearts happy, our bodies fueled, and they may even improve our mental health. While seafood is most known for providing those healthy fats, you don’t have to prepare salmon to get omega 3s on your plate. Instead, supplements made from algae oil can get you the Omega-3s your body needs to feel its best.

Supplements: chia seeds

Other great sources of Omega-3s include: chia seeds, walnuts, tempeh, and flax seeds.

For more info on how to get enough Omega-3s in your plant-based diet, don’t miss “How to get omega-3s when you don’t eat fish”.

7. Vitamin B12 supplements

Vitamin B12 keeps our body’s nerve and blood cells healthy. Most sources of B12 are not vegan-friendly (meat, eggs, and dairy products), but you can find it in fortified foods like plant milks and cereals. Since it’s not easy to get B12 reliably from plant-based sources, it’s advisable to take a daily supplement. Read this other post for everything you need to know about vitamin B12.

This post includes affiliate links to PuraThrive products. So we will get a portion of the profits from sales at no extra cost to you! But we assure you we only partner with companies with like-minded missions and products we’re proud to stand behind. 

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