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Big news, everyone: Wholesome Culture is launching a line of natural oils for skin and hair!

These oils – specifically jojoba and rosehip – have a ton of health benefits for your hair and skin.

Let’s take a closer look at why jojoba oil is so great for you. There are so many good things to say about it – and they’re backed by science!

11 reasons natural jojoba oil is a must-have for all skin types

  1. High in vitamins E, C, and B, as well as antioxidants and minerals like copper, chromium, and zinc, jojoba oil is incredibly nutritious for your skin!
  2. The wax structure of jojoba oil is similar to the natural oils of our skin – meaning that it doesn’t only moisturize, but is also absorbed quicker than other oils.
  3. Jojoba oil is suitable for all skin types. So, whether your skin is dry and sensitive, or oily with blemishes, jojoba oil will work its magic to help moisturize, soothe, reduce inflammation, and control breakouts.
  4. Some studies have shown that jojoba oil can inhibit the effects of UV exposure on collagen expression, giving it anti-aging qualities. So long, fine lines and wrinkles!
  5. If there’s one thing we worry about when applying oil on our skin is that it’ll leave it feeling greasy. Well, you don’t have to worry about that with jojoba oil because it immediately penetrates and smooths skin without leaving an oily residue. Pure natural jojoba oil from Wholesome Culture
  6. One study showed that vitamin E combined with antioxidants creates powerful protection against sun damage. Jojoba oil contains both of these, making it the perfect addition to your beauty routine in the summer.
  7. Jojoba oil has anti-microbial qualities. It naturally deters microbes – and helps prevent the growth of bacteria on the skin. This makes it an excellent natural remedy for those suffering from acne and blemishes.
  8. Do you have dry, chafing, red skin – or suffer from eczema or rosacea? Jojoba oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties that help tame these symptoms and make your dry skin a little happier!
  9. Jojoba oil isn’t only great for your skin – it also does wonders for your hair! It helps keep your hair healthy and moisturized by replenishing the natural oils stripped by shampoos.
  10. Since lack of moisture is often a cause of dandruff, jojoba oil is also a fantastic dandruff remedy. It can help relieve an itchy and dry scalp, often associated with the development of dandruff.
  11. Last but not least – jojoba oil helps remove excess sebum build-up on your hair, which is one of the leading causes of hair loss.

So, whether you’re experiencing dry skin and hair, or you’re simply looking to replace your regular moisturizer with a more natural, cruelty-free option – jojoba oil has a ton of benefits and would be a fantastic addition to anyone’s beauty routine.

Grab your bottle of Wholesome Culture natural jojoba oil now!

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