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Have you been thinking about transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle?  Worried plant-based cooking will be more difficult than cooking with meat and dairy?

Or perhaps you’ve already adopted a plant-based diet – but your gut tells you there must be an easier way to cook delicious, nutritious, plant-based meals.

Well, your gut is right! Plant-based cooking can be easy – if you know a few useful tricks!

Watch the video below where Lena Ksanti from Pure Vegan Food shares 5 fantastic tips for making plant-based cooking easy.

So, there you have it! We hope these tried and tested tips make it much easier for you to whip up a tasty and nutritious plant-based meal.

For more plant-based cooking tips, inspiration, and mouth-watering photos of her plant-based creations, why not follow Lena on Instagram (@pureveganfood)?

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