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Ever catch yourself wondering how the vegan movement began? Read on to find out!

Ancient roots of veganism

To the surprise of many, veganism isn’t a recent phenomenon – its roots actually go back to the ancient times!

As early as 500 BCE, Pythagoras – a Greek mathematician and philosopher – started following what could be now described as a vegetarian diet and promoting benevolence among all species.

Around a similar time, Buddha was also discussing vegetarian diets with his followers. It may have not been a plant-based diet – but it was a good start!

Veganism in the modern day

The rise of the modern-day vegan movement began in November 1944, when six non-dairy vegetarian pioneers met to discuss non-dairy lifestyles and diets. Among those pioneers was Donald Watson, the founder of the Vegan Society.

He and the other pioneers actively found a new movement despite the fact they all lived in a dominantly meat-eating society.

What made them do it?

A reason we can all relate to – compassion for animals.Compassion for animals

Donald Watson was an animal rights advocate and a committed pacifist who believed that no animals should be exploited in the production of food and other items – and his fellow pioneers shared these ideals. 

Interesting fact!

The term “vegan” was coined by Donald Watson in 1944 – to describe people who were vegetarian but did not eat dairy and eggs. A few of the rejected terms were ‘dairyban’, ‘benevore’, and ‘vitan’.

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