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We all know that most kids are picky eaters, which is a particularly daunting fact for plant-based parents. Convincing little ones to eat a diet full of fruits and veggies can be challenging – which is why you’ve got to get them in the habit while they’re young!

Last week, we introduced you to Hailee Danielle, a vegan yogi and new mama. If you want plant-based pregnancy tips, Hailee is so your girl.

This week, Hailee’s sharing her parenting methods – specifically, how she got her baby started on a plant-based diet. Check out the video below for Hailee’s tips and tricks!

Clearly, plant-based parenting doesn’t have to be complicated – you’ve just got to get a little creative and have fun with it!


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And make sure to follow Hailee on Instagram – her feed is seriously inspiring!

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