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By: Jessica Christensen
(SOURCE: Subway)

Move over Veggie Delite, there’s a new favorite Subway sandwich in town!  

Finland residents are part of yet another new vegan product release, and hungry vegans all over the world are green with envy. In early January, Subway quietly rolled out a new spicy vegan steak sub. You read that correctly: STEAK. On their website the vegan delite sub is described as, “vegan diet meets spicy vegan steak with 44% vegetables,” and Subway goers are anxious to try it.

How to eat vegan at Subway

While the rest of the world waits patiently for the steak sub to be released on a wider scale, vegans can still get their Subway fix by enjoying a veggie delite piled high with your favorite combination of vegetables and the following options:

  • Bread: Italian, Sourdough, Wrap
  • Sauces: Deli brown mustard, yellow mustard, oil, vinegar and vinaigrette, sweet onion, fat-free italian, buffalo, barbeque
  • Sides: Apple slices, Lay’s Classic, Oven Baked Lays, SunChips Original

*It is important to point out that the current veggie patty that many locations carry throughout the U.S. is not vegan as it contains egg whites.

Let Subway know that there is a demand for more vegan options. Never underestimate the power of your voice when it comes to change.

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