16 awesome gift ideas for people going zero-waste
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We hear you — gifts and zero waste don’t seem like they’d really go together. But in truth, some supplies can be super practical and thoughtful for minimalists who are mindful of their waste. 

Show support for this conscious lifestyle with these zero-waste minded gifts! Sure, bamboo toilet paper and produce bags may not be the sexiest of presents — but they’ll show love to all the zero-wasters in your life and Mother Earth. 🌎

Here’s a list of 16 zero-waste favorites. 

1. Shampoo bars

Check out our fave Lush shampoo bars.

2. Bamboo utensils

Zero-waste bamboo utensils from Wholesome Culture

Shop our eco-friendly reusable bamboo utensils

3. Reusable produce bags

Shop Ecobags.

4. Bamboo straws

Zero-waste bamboo reusable straws from Wholesome Culture

Shop our bamboo reusable straws

5. Plastic-free razor

Find Rockwell Razors.

6. Reusable tote

Zero-waste cotton reusable tote from Wholesome Culture.

Shop our cotton reusable tote.

7. Vegan food wraps

Shop these Earthology reusable vegan food wraps.

8. Bamboo toilet paper

Shop this toilet paper from Who Gives a Crap

9. Reusable ziplock bags

Shop Stasher reusable bags.

10. Refillable deodorant

Shop byHumankind’s refillable deodorant.

11. Reusable coffee mug

Zero-waste reusable coffee mug from Wholesome Culture

Shop Wholesome Culture “Live Gently Upon This Earth” reusable coffee mug.

12. Eco-conscious lip balm

Shop this Elate lip balm (stored in a glass jar with a bamboo lid).

13. Reusable water bottle

Shop Hydroflask water bottles

14. Reusable fountain pens

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Shop refillable fountain ink pens from Dryden.

15. Vegan toothpaste tablets

Shop toothpaste tablets from Bite Toothpaste Bits.

16. Reusable lunch bag

Shop Fluf lunch bags.

Need more gift inspiration? We’ve got your back.

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