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That’s right, you read that correctly.  I almost didn’t believe it myself! A walk-up cookie dough shop called The Lion’s Pack is opening right by the beach in Encinitas, CA, in April of 2018. Good things like this just don’t happen enough to vegans – the best we can hope for is a froyo shop that has a dairy-free option.

The Lion’s Pack currently offers a variety of edible cookie dough for sale through their website, and they aren’t even that bad for you. Besides being vegan, they are also gluten-free and made up of ingredients you can pronounce like sunflower butter and oat flour. It’s also worth noting that if you ate an entire 10-ounce jar of their chocolate chip cookie dough, it would only set you back 1090 calories compared to the Pillsbury non-vegan option which would be 2,600 calories #justsayin.

If cookie dough by the scoop isn’t enough for you, they’ll also be offering brownies, cookies, and almond milk on tap (chocolate AND vanilla because they know what’s up). Their storefront will offer many of the same cookie dough flavors that they sell online like our personal favorite: Reese’s and Oreo Pieces.

So next time you’re cruising down the 101 Pacific Coast Highway, be sure to give this little cookie dough shop some support. And rest assured – you won’t kill your diet OR any animals in the process!

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