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Style is a part of our souls.

There’s something about the particular way we dress that reflects our inner nature. At Wholesome Culture, our style is deeply rooted in our values like sustainability and ethical sourcing. If you’re reading this, it’s probably a part of your core too!

But there’s an element to style that comes from deeper. Something that comes from the stars…

So, open your chart and ask yourself: what do the stars say about your style?


The first sign in the zodiac is reserved for the bold.

That means you don’t look at the forecast before you choose an outfit. You throw caution to the wind and build an outfit for cuteness first, practicality later.

That means comfy sweaters with biker shorts or a crop top without a jacket. You aren’t there to bend to the elements, you’re there to serve looks and put out powerful messages.



A Taurus will let Aries run headlong into the elements, but not you. You’re far too patient to let that kind of impulsiveness ruin your day.

A relaxed set of overalls lets you enjoy the benefits of a breezy spring day, while allowing for the addition of a jacket if the rain comes. Just because you’re planning ahead doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a good fit.



A true Gemini needs something light and airy enough to fit their cheerful personality. But they’ll always be prepared for the next event on their busy schedule, whether that be a hobby or a party.

A trendy black tee with some high waisted jeans will have you ready for happy hour or an impromptu painting session!



Come here girl, let’s hug it out.

Cancers are emotional in the absolute best way. We need them in our lives to keep us in tune with our own feelings and they need a fit that compliments that. The only solution is a sweater that’s as cuddly and welcoming as they are.

But, like any Cancer, there should be something underneath that cuddliness to remind us they have a wild streak. Maybe something like our bamboo bralettes in lieu of a shirt…



Leos don’t need anyone else to tell them what they’re wearing. If it’s a Leo, they’re going to prioritize pops of color, but crop it short for plenty of room to breathe.

They want the attention, but they also need the exposed skin to let them run back and forth to everyone at the party and make sure everyone is having a good time.



Virgos are dressed to a T for every season.

There’s nothing a perfectionist loves more than an outfit with tons of small details that perfectly align. The pants are cropped exactly right, the shirt is tucked securely, and the hair is expertly styled to fit a Virgo’s skillful eye.

And every Virgo knows it’s the little details that sell any outfit. There’s nothing like a touch of jewelry to make a good fit into the perfect one. And the Wholesome Culture agrees, there are so many great sustainable jewelers to choose from.



Libras express themselves through their values as much as anyone.

That means every outfit will look good, but what’s far more important is where the pieces came from. Libras want to ensure every piece of clothing they wear is sustainable and attune to their beliefs. And if that isn’t possible, they’ll make sure every piece gets a second life.

A thrifted outfit is the perfect choice! Using every piece of clothing as much as possible is a remarkable goal. Make sure you still treat yourself Virgos with some nice undies to go underneath your new (old) fit!



The wild card of the zodiac, Scorpios are incredibly individualistic, and their sense of style follows suit.

There aren’t any specific outfit choices that bind Scorpios together, the only thing they have in common is that they keep their intentions close. Scorpios aren’t so secretive that they don’t want anyone to know what they’re thinking, they’re incredible friends and confidants for that reason. So, a minimalist tee that gives a hint to what they value is the perfect choice.



A Sag is optimistic and philosophical, which means they’re incredibly smart and a joy to be around. Sometimes that tendency to ponder the Big Questions leads to long periods of time in quiet reflection.

That’s why comfort should be a top priority in a Sagittarius’ wardrobe. Cute tights and sweats are a staple in their closet, which ensures they won’t have to shift around too much as they stare wistfully out the window.



Capricorns will often coordinate outfits with the Tauruses.

Both signs are practical, but Capricorns have an added sense of maturity that makes them excellent friends to seek advice from. A Taurus will opt for overalls to be ready for anything, but Capricorns will check the weather app and cross-reference their calendar beforehand. Then they’ll realize that today is supposed to be 85° and sunny and they have the afternoon wide open. Time to put on some comfy shorts and enjoy yourself.



The free-thinking Aquarius needs a shirt that’s as artsy as they are!

Aquariuses are devoted to creativity and might opt for more experimental or unusual designs in their outfits. But when there isn’t a self-embroidered jean-jacket or glittery set of shoes within reach, a cool tee with fun artwork will do nicely!



As the last entry in the zodiac, Pisces are naturally very reflective. They love looking back on vacations and catching up with old friends.

That kind of personality extends to their wardrobes as well. They want clothes that will last a long time so they can form powerful memories around them, then transport themselves back to a long-passed memory whenever they put on that sweater.


Each sign has their own unique sense of style, but no matter your sign, we can all agree that comfort is king. And our new Matching Sets are the perfect combo of comfort + style. Check them out here!

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