5 things vegan Canadians can be thankful for this year
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Happy Thanksgiving, Canadians!

To mark the occasion, we’ve compiled this list of five things vegans in Canada can be grateful for this year.

1. Canada is hosting the world’s first International Vegan Film Festival

Kicking off October 14th, this first-in-its genre event will showcase short and feature-length films that aim to inspire people to adopt a more compassionate lifestyle through plant-based eating.

Want to support vegan filmmakers from all over the world? Get tickets to this year’s edition taking place in Ottawa!

2. Nearly 10 percent of the population is now vegetarian/veganhands picking up boston lettuce from an array of boston lettuce

Earlier this year, a study by Dalhousie University found that around 9.4 percent of Canadians identify as vegetarian or vegan. By comparison, that number was a measly 3.6 percent just 15 years ago.

This trend is expected to grow as millennials are as much as three times more likely than older generations to refer to themselves as vegetarian/vegan.

We’ll raise our glass to this good news!

3. Vegan food options are expanding

Eating out became exponentially easier for vegans in Canada this year.

Not only are popular fast-food chains such as A & W embracing the plant-based demand by offering options like the Beyond Meat burger, but 100 percent vegan establishments are also thriving.

Copper Branch, a plant-based “fast but healthy food” joint opened around 20 new Canadians locations this year and is expanding globally with restaurants popping up in France and the US.

4. The first vegan food bank opened

The London Ontario Vegan Food Bank wants to close the gap in the existing food bank system by offering 100 percent cruelty-free products to anyone experiencing food insecurity. This project launched in June, and with its focus on fresh local fruits and vegetables, it’s a great step toward making a healthy lifestyle more widely available. For which, we’re grateful!

This initiative has already garnered such enthusiasm that we’re sure other parts of Canada will follow suit!

5. Animal rights laws are a-changing (for the better)!close up of person holding white rabbit

Earlier this year, the Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act was approved by the Senate. Things are now moving along at the House of Commons, the final step in making it an official law.

And, on October 23, the Canadian Senate passed Bill S-203, which bans the keeping of whales and dolphins in captivity. It’s expected to pass through the House of Commons in May.

There’s still a ways to go, but on this day that’s all about giving thanks, we’re celebrating!

Are you vegan and living in Canada? If so, let us know what you’re most grateful for this year in the comments below!

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