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What’s better than a girls’ day out? That’s easy. Quality BFF time that’s also Earth and vegan-friendly.

With that in mind, here are 5 plant-based ideas for the perfect girls’ day out!

1. Go for (vegan) brunch

vegan brunch

What’s a celebration without food, right? Then, how about getting together for mouth-wateringly tasty, plant-based brunch? While eating out as a vegan used to be a challenge, options have become more plentiful in recent years. So, whether you’re craving a Philly “cheesesteak” (seitan), or a health-boosting Buddha Bowl, there are plenty of exciting vegan restaurants you could check out.

2. Enjoy a glass of vegan wine together

Drinking vegan wine with girlfriends

Good wine + best friends = great memories! And when you’re sipping vegan-friendly wine, you can enjoy it completely guilt-free.  Here are some of our favorite brands to try with your girlfriends:

3. Hit the beach

friends on the beach

If you’re near the beach, there’s hardly a better way to celebrate than lazing in the sun together. Grab your sun loungers (and avocado floaties), stock up on sunblock and go catch some vitamin D together! And, if you happen to be near any of these excellent vegan ice cream spots, grab a cone and cool down. You won’t regret it.

4. Spend a day at a green spa

spa massage oil

A day at a green, eco-friendly spa will make this National Girlfriends Day extra special. Whether it’s wind-powered energy or their use of reclaimed building materials, these green spas will make you feel super relaxed – in the most planet-friendly way.

5. Bake a yummylicious plant-based dessert

Vegan desserts

The best thing about baking a delicious vegan cake? Eating it, of course! Grab your measuring cups and bake some plant-based goodness together! If you need some inspiration, check out our recipes for peanut butter mug cake and vegan black forest cupcakes. And remember that, whatever you bake… Chances are it’ll taste even better with dairy-free whipped cream!

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