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By Allyssa Jade Acevedo

Are you ready to hear some good news? TGI Friday’s has recently added the Beyond Burger to their menus at every single one of their locations! During the test period back in October of 2017, the burger did so well, that this has become “the fastest test-to-table menu offering in the brand’s history.” This is GREAT news for the plant-based community!

The addition officially happened back on January 2nd, but people still seem to be raving about it, and after heading to Friday’s to give it a try, it is absolutely understandable. This burger, as listed on the menu, is more of a vegetarian option than a vegan one (as it has cheese and sauce that is not vegan), but the good news is that it can be made vegan if you ask! They also have another option called “Green Style” where you can ditch the bun for lettuce instead, with no cheese or sauce!

Nevertheless, whichever way you choose to enjoy the Beyond Burger at TGI Friday’s just know that you will definitely not regret it! This burger is juicy, full of plant-based protein and super satisfying. Give it a try!

Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger has been exploding in sales and popularity recently, and it is now being served at over 2,000 food service outlets worldwide! This includes restaurants, hotels, college campuses and more. With mock meats gaining attention and becoming more widely available for the masses, transitioning to veganism is becoming more and more seamless, and that is most definitely a step in the right direction! It has been said that the meat substitutes market is expected to be worth a whopping 6.43 BILLION by the year 2023! At this rate, the Beyond Burger seems to be just the tip of the iceberg. Keep your eyes peeled, plant-based friends, because more easily accessible and delicious vegan options are SURE to be heading your way.

Have you tried the amazing Beyond Burger? What do you guys think? Let us know!


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