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By Allyssa Jade Acevedo

A unique event is coming to Canada this October! The Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival will be held on October 14th, 2018 and its director, Shawn Stratton, guarantees it will be the world’s first of its kind! The festival will display short and feature-length films with a vegan message from various filmmakers across the globe.

Stratton told PBN that he is yet to find a vegan film festival that is annual or that has an international focus. Stratton has great ambitions for the festival and says that the “goal in the coming years is to take the best of the festival on tour around the world.”

Many of us have witnessed the power of documentaries such as “What The Health” and the tremendous impact they have in shaping our worldview of the food industry. Stratton, recognizing this, is excited at the role documentaries play in shaping our consciousness and has leveraged this to increase the mainstream awareness of issues surrounding our food system. He has mentioned that for both himself and his wife, “vegan documentaries have had a profound impact” on their decision to go plant-based.

Stratton hopes to offer support to vegan filmmakers all over the world and has high hopes to see this festival grow in popularity and length! At this point in time the festival is set to be one day in duration but is still awaiting submissions. These are open to the general public with the deadline on July 31st, so if you’re interested, get on it!

Has there been one documentary in particular that encouraged you to go vegan? If so, which one? Let us know!



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