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If you’re anything like us, one hour we’re feeling productive and positive… and the next we feel all sorts of anxiety from the inside out. It can be pretty exhausting. But with all of these emotions and “social distancing” practices, we’ve also been feeling more connected than ever — to ourselves, to each other, and to Mother Earth

Here are some ways we’re trying to shift our outlooks and find optimism in the unknown as we navigate our worlds that look a whole lot different during this uncertain time. Of course, this isn’t to diminish the loss of life from the virus, but rather we hope to bring you little pieces of happiness as you hunker down at home. 🏠

7 ways the coronavirus is shifting our outlook on the world

1. We’re feeling more interconnected than ever

Who knew physical isolation could bring such a sense of interconnectedness?!

As we work to stay socially connected while practicing social distancing, we find ourselves overflowing with love for the humans and animal friends who fill our lives with warmth — no matter the physical separation. 

2. We’re discovering a newfound sense of gratitude

We have a reignited sense of respect and gratitude for the many unsung heroes out there. From healthcare workers, to grocery store employees, to teachers, to mail delivery people, we are so thankful for the many humans dedicating their days to serving others

3. We’re appreciating technology + virtual hangouts

coronavirus outlook

We don’t know about you, but we’ve used FaceTime/Zoom more in the past two weeks than we have in forever. Plus, witnessing yoga teachers live streaming free online classes, writers hosting donation-based workshops, and musicians leading virtual concerts has left us in awe of how technology can be leveraged for social good everywhere. 

4. We’re embracing the memes

We owe a lot of our laughs to the many memes circulating right now! And right now, a little comic relief is a beautiful thing. 

5. We’re cherishing nature

The more time we spend inside… the more we value special moments outside. Fresh air, sounds of leaves in the wind, squirrels scurrying around trees, and cloudy skies are truly giving us life.

coronavirus outlook

And as we protect ourselves and those around us by staying in, it’s also proving to help Mother Nature. The canals in Venice are clearer, C02 emissions are down, and air pollution seems to be dropping. Perhaps this time of less consumption and slowing down will inspire everyone to live with more awareness of how our actions truly do make a difference on the the planet.

6. We’re reinventing “me time”

Whether you have four roommates or live alone, we’re likely all spending a little more time with ourselves. Finding ways to enjoy “me time” is a beautiful way to harness this time positively. So, take a bath, read a self-love book, make a DIY face mask, or write in a journal — do whatever makes you feel most connected to yourself.

Coronavirus outlook

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7. We’re treasuring the little things (cough cough, toilet paper)

We’ve been finding bliss in the small moments like putting on cozy socks at night before we watch a Netflix show, chatting with our indoor plants in the morning (just us?!), and looking at the beauty of a fresh roll of toilet paper. (Seriously, we’ll never look at toilet paper the same way!)

coronavirus outlookOften, these moments slip by as we drown in emails and to-do lists, but they’re truly the things that are filling our lives with memories rather than just minutes.

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