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Halloween is coming! If you’re looking for a little costume inspiration, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the most awesome plant-based lifestyle-inspired Halloween costumes we bet you’ll want to recreate this year!

Costumes for going solo…

If you’re a solo artist, you’ll love these costumes for one!

Giraffes are wonderful creatures of the wild – so why not dress up as one for Halloween?

This costume will keep you feeling grape all night!

Or, you could dress up as a yummy snack – a 100% organic NON GMO vegan carrot!

Avocado toast, anyone!?!

This gorgeous unicorn costume reminds us of this magically nutritious and delicious vegan smoothie bowl:

Costumes for couples…

If you’re dressing up with your other half, then…

Why not literally be their “other half”? Oreos are totally vegan – and make a fantastic couple’s costume!

Or – you could hit the dancefloor as the king and queen of super greens! All hail kale!

Costumes for groups…

Heading to the party with your besties? These group costumes are frickin’ awesome!

Hell yeah! We’d dress up as mushrooms every day for a chance to wear these hats – wouldn’t you?

It’s getting’ fruity in here!

Costumes for the whole fam…

Dressing up for Halloween can be fun for the whole family!

Isn’t this the cutest watermelon fam you’ve ever seen?

Love bees? Then, be the bees!

Hosting a vegan Halloween party? These recipes will make you the ultimate vegan host!

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