11 easy eco-friendly habits you need to adopt now
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Want to do your part for the environment? It’s a lot easier than you think!

These 11 eco-friendly habits are easy to adopt and will help significantly reduce your carbon footprint:

1. Eat more legumeschickpea and roasted vegetables salad with lemon slice

Adopting a plant-based diet or reducing your meat intake in favor of beans, lentils, and whole grains, is an easy way to lower your carbon footprint.

Studies show that a vegetarian diet will cut your greenhouse gas emissions in half!

2. Compost your kitchen scrapsvegetables and spices on wooden cutting board

Composting is a good way to reduce the waste produced in your household. It’s also an environmentally friendly way to take care of your garden!

Look into your city’s compost program to get started.

3. Buy in bulkglass jars filled with grains

Buying your beans, lentils, grains, pasta, and other dry pantry necessities in bulk will save you plastic (and money!)

Most stores will let you use your own glass containers. Just make sure to have them weighed by the cashier before filling them up!

4. Go barefacedyoung woman facing camera with no makeup

Did you know that the makeup industry is one the biggest polluters in the world?

By buying less makeup and going barefaced more often, you can make a difference!

Still want to look glamorous? Check out our Ultimate guide to cruelty-free beauty for tips!

5. Shop locallyfresh produce stall

Supporting local businesses is a good way to reduce your carbon footprint.

We suggest shopping at your local farmer’s market and getting to know the farmers who grow your food!

6. Buy (or make) natural cleaning products

natural cleaning spray bottles

Cleaning products are full of harmful chemicals and toxins that pollute the environment.

Choose septic safe products as much as you can or make your own with vinegar and essential oils.

To get started, here’s a handy list of 66 all-natural cleaning solutions, and the 17 best natural cleaning products, as chosen by experts.  

7. Keep a reusable tote in your purse

reusable cotton tote bag from Wholesome Culture


Plastic bags are incredibly harmful to the environment. Make sure to keep a tote in your purse at all times!

8. Take the buspublic bus on snowy city street

If your city offers it, take advantage of public transit. One bus alone means 50 fewer cars on the road!

9. Go thrift shoppingyoung woman thrift shopping

Instead of buying new clothes, drop by your local thrift shop. Textile production, and the fashion industry as a whole, is a real strain on the environment due to the chemicals used to make clothes.

10. Turn down your thermostatthermostat on yellow wall

This quick adjustment is an easy way to reduce your electricity consumption. Bundle up instead with our cute and cozy hoodies!

Wholesome Culture Bee Kind white hoodie

11. Use a reusable coffee mug

Grab your caffeine fix on-the-go without contributing to the world’s dire plastic pollution problem by carrying a reusable coffee mug.

Wholesome Culture reusable coffee mug

Want more eco-friendly tips? Check out:

Which eco-friendly habit do you plan on working on? We’d love to know in the comments below!

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