Is beer vegan? 3 scary facts you need to be aware of
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Made out of a simple combination of water, malted barley, yeast, and hops, one would think that beer is vegan-friendly.

Unfortunately, as is the case with other types of alcohol, some beer brands hide animal-derived ingredients.

Here are 3 scary facts about what might be in your favorite beer.

Fact #1. Some beers contain isinglass.

Isinglass is dried fish bladder. Gross. Right?

Used by brewers to clarify and remove haze in beer, this animal-derived ingredient is present in brands such as Guinness, Red Stripe, and Newcastle.

Fact #2. Some beers contain gelatin.

Gelatin, the substance derived from boiling bones and cartilage from discarded parts of animals, is present in multiple foods and also in beer.

Like isinglass, it is used as a clarifying agent in beer brewing.

Fact #3. Some beers contain casein or lactose.

As milk sugar is unfermentable by brewer’s yeast, it gives beers a distinct sweet taste.

Stay away from stout beers to avoid this nasty by-product.

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You can also check out or use the Vegaholic app to find out which beers are vegan-friendly or not.

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