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Whether you’re hopping on a plane to a faraway island or exploring your own neighborhood, there are so many ways to say hello to summertime adventures with open, eco-conscious arms!

Here are some simple tips to have the most earth-friendly vacation this summer.

8 tips for the ultimate green summer vacay

1. Be green as you get around

Ride bicycles for an eco-friendly way to get around on summer vacation

Sometimes a flight is the only way to go. But if not, check out other ways to get from place to place like trains and buses. Doing a lot of neighborhood hopping within your destination city? Consider skipping a rental car and rely on local transportation like subways, bikes, and even your feet to sightsee and explore.  

2. Embrace local

From eating at farmers markets and family-owned restaurants to shopping at small boutiques, embracing the local scene is an earth-friendly way to support the community you’re visiting.

shop local for an eco-friendly summer vacay

3. Treat your hotel like a second home

All of the little green-friendly efforts we practice in our own homes are just as important in a new place. Remember to turn off the lights when you leave your hotel room and resist the temptation to leave the AC on if you’re going to be gone for the entire day.

4. Bring your reusable gear

Making room for a reusable coffee mug, water bottle, straw, and utensils in an already over-packed suitcase isn’t always the most fun ritual. But vacations can translate into tons of plastic and styrofoam waste (airport pit stops, coffee runs, quick meals on-the-go, you get the picture). Remember your reusable necessities and it’ll make all of your summertime treats taste that much better because it won’t be at the expense of the planet.

Be The Change bamboo reusable straws

Our “Be The Change” reusable bamboo straws come with a handy pouch, making them a perfect traveling companion.   

Can’t miss your java fix no matter where you are? Then don’t forget to pack our “Live Gently Upon This Earth” reusable coffee mug!

5. Explore mindfully

Stay on the trails. While we love a good adventure, not when it comes at the risk of Mother Earth. And of course, never litter, even if it means holding onto a piece of trash for three hours until you spot a trash can.

6. Book your trip with care

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🎙✨: New Kind Hotel Announcement (we are over the 🌙): @stonefieldvillaresort in St. Lucia. From Stonefield Villa Resort – “We are proud to announce that @StonefieldVillaResort has joined @KindTraveler, the first socially conscious 'Give + Get' hotel booking engine that connects travelers to hotel’s that have charitable affiliations. We are the first in Saint Lucia to have been selected by @KindTraveler! @KindTraveler selects its hotel partners based on wellness features called “Kind Factors”. . . #StonefieldVillaResort “Kind factors” include the use of eco friendly amenities, an organic farm to table experience, a no plastic straw policy, composting of organic waste and a bee program. Participating hotels in the program must also select a charitable affiliation as a “Kind Factor” to empower communities, the environment or protects animals. Stonefield Villa Resort has selected Pawasol Pour Ti Mamai as their charity of choice. The organization provides the basic needs in education and healthcare for underprivileged children empowering struggling Saint Lucian families. . . . Booking Stonefield Villa Resort directly through Kind Traveler is making a conscientious decision to support a great cause that positively impacts the future of children in Saint Lucia. For every booking, a US$10 nightly donation will be made to Pawasol Pour Ti Mamai. All proceeds are given directly to the charity organization, a triple win amongst the traveler, the hotel and charity. . . . “The Stonefield brand embraces all the natural elements of Saint Lucia, we wanted to make an impact that benefits the future of childrens lives and local communities through Kind Traveler. We are excited about this partnership and hope more Saint Lucian resorts join Kind Travelver in this responsible tourism initative”, said Cybelle Brown – Managing Director of Sales & Marketing for Stonefield Villa Resort.” #TravelKindly

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Eco-conscious traveling has never been easier thanks to organizations like Kind Traveler, which is similar to Expedia but with a compassionate twist. By booking through Kind Traveler, you’ll give a $10 nightly donation to a local charity to the neighborhood you’re visiting. Plus, the website features a list of curated hotels and properties (with special rates!).

7. Protect your skin and the planet

Especially if you’re visiting somewhere that involves lounging on the beach or exploring outside all day, keeping your skin safe from the sun is essential. Unfortunately, lots of sunscreens are loaded with chemicals that are destructive to the environment (and some even bleach corals). Look out for eco-friendly sunscreen options like Life Basics SPF 30 All Natural Sunscreen, which is also vegan-friendly.

8. Vacay with a staycation

Staycations are underrated ways to do some touristy things in your neighborhood that have been on your list for months (or maybe years) and see your home from a different perspective. Added bonus: you’ll save money and your carbon footprint will be lower for not hopping on an airplane.

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