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Exercise is healing. It’s proven to help us sleep better, relieve stress, and boost our moods. And exercise and physical health go together like Jim & Pam from “The Office”…. David & Patrick from “Schitt’s Creek” … you get the point: our bodies thrive when we’re physically active! However, we know that our workout routines, along with every other area of our lives, have been seriously shifted by everything going on in the world. Yoga studios are closed, gyms are off limits, and runs with masks can feel extremely claustrophobic. That’s why we’re embracing different forms of exercise at home like kitchen dance-offs, Netflix sit-ups seshes, and random mid-day planks.

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie all about HIIT or a yogi who prefers to focus on breath (not reps), here are 11 ways to squeeze in exercise when you can’t stick to your usual routine.  

How to squeeze in exercise at home when you can’t stick to your usual workout routine

1. Stretch right when you wake up

Before you reach for your phone, stretch it out! Our favorite wake up routine involves side stretches, seated twists, and forward folds.  

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And it’ll give you a few extra minutes to breathe away from a screen, which is a win in itself.

2. Do calf raises while you brush your teeth 

This simple exercise can be easily done as you brush your teeth in the a.m. and p.m. Strong calves coming your way!

3. Make your bed with extra movement

Making your bed will kick off your day with a burst of movement — as you do something productive. While you’re at it, put on some feel-good music and do a few pillow high knees — and  you’ve started your day with a mini workout! (Yes, it may feel silly but who cares?!)

Exercise from your bed

Also, Charles Duhigg wrote in his book, The Power of Habit, that “making your bed every morning is correlated with better productivity, a greater sense of well-being and stronger skills at sticking with a budget.” And a 2018 survey commissioned by Sleepopolis found people who didn’t make their beds reported lower quality of sleep. A win all around!

P.S: Having trouble sleeping during the pandemic? Check out our 8 tips for getting a peaceful sleep during stressful times.

4. Exercise at your desk

Sitting at a desk and getting your body moving can happen simultaneously. From wrist stretches, to side stretches, to chair triceps dips, to chair squats — there are lots of super easy ways to sneak in movement without going for a run or dedicating a big chunk of time to exercise. 

5. Take mini breaks

Got a spare three minutes in between meetings? Waiting for something to heat up in the microwave? Do jumping jacks, hold a plank for a minute, or do 10 pushups. These little bursts of workouts add up over time! 

6. Move while you watch TV

Exercise doesn’t have to get in the way of your latest Netflix binge. Sit ups, lunges, and squats are all great ways to pop movement into your day while you stay entertained. 

7. Hop on the virtual workout train

Between live stream yoga classes and online HIIT workouts —  working out with the assistance of your screens has never been easier. So many studios are offering free and donation classes, and Instagram live is loaded with instructors doing sweat sessions that won’t cost you a penny. 

8. Say YES to daily walks

Even just dedicating 10 minutes to walking outside is good for your mood, brain, and overall health.  And according to the American Heart Association, walking can even lower your risk of heart disease. Tip: Listen to “Walk Alone” by Rudimental to get in the walking mood!

Exercise: walks

Of course, be sure to be up to date with the local rules in regards to stay-at-home orders. Safety first!

9. Embrace the pace

Pacing around a room is an easy way to get extra steps without leaving the house. Our favorite moments for a meditative pace include waiting for water to boil and talking on the phone. Every step counts! 

10. Stand & Zoom

According to the American Diabetes Association, interrupting prolonged sitting by standing up on a regular basis, or walking for five minutes, can help reduce blood sugar levels. Standing can also help relieve back pain and give your mood a boost, which is sometimes exactly what we need in the early afternoon. 

So, next time you have a zoom meeting or phone call, consider standing up instead of sitting down. 

11. Turn your kitchen into a dance floor

DANCE! Because whether you’re seven or 70 — dancing is the ultimate mental escape, mood booster, and calorie burner. And studies show it even reduces the risk of dementia and disability. Turn up your favorite playlist and let the feel-good vibes flow! 

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