The 9 most relatable vegan memes of the summer (so far) 
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Who said that vegans aren’t funny?! Sure, we may seem bland to the outside world (to everyone who thinks vegans only consume cabbage, of course), but we really do have a sense of humor…most of us, anyway. 

Keep reading for proof that us vegans are funny…and give this article a share if you let out a guffaw!

9 super relatable vegan memes

1. The best friendships are the meat-free ones

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It's that vegan love 🤗😂 #theveganvibe

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Best friends forever!

2. We always come prepared

Vegans aren’t pretty when they’re hangry

3. Every meat-eater we’ve ever met

Oh, how the tables have turned.

4. Oops…

It’s just. so. good. 

5. Raise your hand if you like kale…‘no hands were raised’

We’re all just pretending to like kale…right? 

6. Evolution is amazing

We can’t wait to see what veganism looks like 10 years from now!

7. Reasons why I’m single

I enjoy long romantic walks to the fridge…alone.

8. Sorry not sorry

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😂😂😂 Sorry NOT Sorry

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Cue Demi Lovato song.

9. Can someone grab me my bifocals, please?

Wishing I had 20/20 vision right about now.

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