These 8 New Year's resolutions memes are so relatable
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January is in full swing. “New year, new you” not panning out?

You’re not alone!

Rather than cry, we’re poking a bit of fun at ourselves with these 8 funny and so relatable resolutions fails memes.

1. When working out is well, just not working out…working out meme

Hey, it’s the effort that counts!

2. Eating healthy

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there's no time to explain leggoo!!

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There are just too many awesome vegan options nowadays!

3. Getting up early

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This is too true #memesapp

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Who in the world invented the 5am club?

4. Learning something newhobbies meme

5. Saving money

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Can so relate to this… 💀

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Who else can’t say no to all the vegan goodies?

6. Going on a social media detoxInstagram meme

7. Meditating every daymeditation meme

8. Spending more time with friends

When you realize you’re an actual hermit…


All jokes aside, bettering ourselves is well worth giving it a second go!

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What are your 2019 resolutions? Let us know in the comments below!

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