How to answer "why are you vegan?" (and avoid conflict!)
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Have you recently made a diet or a lifestyle change towards veganism?

If you have, you may find yourself grappling with well meaning but annoying comments and criticism from your friends and family.

It can be hard to keep your cool. We feel you!

Here are 5 easy ways to help you deal and keep the peace with everyone as a new vegan:

1. Be patient

Remember that it takes time for people to get used to your new diet and views. The adjustment period may be longer than you wish but the negative comments will die down, we promise!

2. Don’t reduce someone to their behaviortwo young women on swing set at the park

Humans are complex creatures. You may disagree with someone’s choice to eat animal products but remember they can’t be defined by this only aspect.

Focus on all the qualities that make you enjoy spending time with them!

3. Learn as much as you canwoman reading book

Not knowing how to adequately respond to questions or criticism can make us act out.

By learning as much as you can about the ins and outs of a vegan/plant-based lifestyle, you’ll be able to keep you cool in front of a firing squad!

We suggest checking out:

And visit Plant-Based Tips section of our blog.

4. Take care of yourselfbreathe sign

If you need to take some distance from the negativity, do it!

Self-care is super important and that includes not accepting any disrespect.

Agree to discuss your diet and views when you feel safe doing so.

5. Make new friendsthree friends taking selfie

Last but not least, go out and meet people who share your values! Most cities have a thriving vegan community you can reach out to. Meetup and Facebook are a great place to start.

By socializing with like-minded people, you will put less pressure on family and friends to adopt your lifestyle.

Want more tips and tricks to help you manage your new lifestyle? You have to check out these:

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