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A food revolution is underway. After Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods – here comes Omnipork – a plant-based alternative so realistic that it’s set to disrupt the market of the largest pork consumers in the world.

Right Treat, the company behind this innovative plant-based pork, is aiming to bridge the gap in plant-based options when it comes to pork. The most consumed meat worldwide, pork accounts for 40 percent of meat production globally and 65 percent in China. That’s an astounding 700 million pigs.

The product, which is set to debut in China in the next few months, could prevent the 1.29 billion metric tonnes of waste produced by the Chinese pork industry every year.

Speaking on his innovative product, founder David Yeung said, “From raw form to cooked form, from preparation to consumption, from nutrition to application, we have worked diligently with our proven food scientist team in North America and researched comprehensively with Asians chefs and consumers to understand what makes pork pork”.

Made up of a pea protein, shiitake mushrooms, non-GMO soy, and rice blend, Omnipork is cholesterol-free and lower in saturated fat than real pork. It also offers a lot more nutrition with 233 percent more calcium, 53 percent more iron, and 4.5 gram of fiber.

Apart from its obvious health appeal, Omnipork is a versatile plant-based meat that can be steamed, pan-fried, deep-fried, crumbled, stuffed, or turned into meat balls. Tender, juicy, and succulent, its texture is eerily similar to that of real pork.

“The philosophy behind Right Treat is that we believe achieving long-term win-win-win among the planet, mankind and animals is possible. There should be no trade-off between food enjoyment and personal well-being. Consumption and enjoyment of this generation should not become liability and suffering of future generations and other beings.” shared David Yeung.

Omnipork is set to launch in Hong Kong in June at Michelin-starred restaurant Cantonese Ming Court and world-renowned Man Ho Chinese Restaurant. Locals or tourists will be able to enjoy dishes such as pork buns, Sweet and Sour pork, and steamed pork patties.

The product is waiting on approval from Chinese regulators to expand all over China by the end of 2018. Next, the world? We can only hope!

What do you think of this venture? Would you try it? Let us know in the comments!

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