3 simple things you can do to help save the planet right now
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Our planet is in serious trouble. Here are three simple ways you can do your part to help save it!

1. Say “no” to plastic. 

Plastic waste

We’re using more plastic than ever – but did you know that only 9 percent of it is being recycled?

Whether you’re grocery shopping at a supermarket or treating yourself to a vegan iced latte – make sure you limit your plastic use as much as you can. Skipping a plastic straw and carrying a shopping tote bag is a small contribution – but it can have a big impact.

 2. Cut out meat. 

Choose a vegan lifestyle

Meat production causes a number of environmental issues, including being a major contributor to global warming and deforestation. Choosing a plant-based diet massively helps the environment.

If you’re thinking about cutting meat out of your diet, start with our unbelievably easy guide to going vegan.

 3. Support endangered species.

Tiger endangered species

Wild animals are rapidly going extinct because people are hunting them for various purposes – or because they have nowhere to live. According to the IUCN Red List, the number of endangered species continues to grow.

Help protect vulnerable species (such as elephants, African lions and bees) by getting involved in various projects led by environmental charities. Donate money to the cause, spread the word or even symbolically adopt beautiful animals like tigers, lions, and elephants!


And now – take a look at how you can enjoy nature without harming it!

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