5 environmental issues that need to be on your radar this year
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Environmental issues are at the forefront of our concerns here at Wholesome Culture. There’s no planet B, after all!

If you care as much as we do, here are 5 environmental issues that need to be on your radar in 2019!

1. Household wasteyoung boy walking on piles of trash

Did you know that an average municipality in the US produces around 262 million tons of waste per year?

Household waste has a large negative impact on the environment.

Thankfully we can all reduce our waste and be more eco-friendly by making simple changes to our lifestyle.

Read 5 easy ways to conserve energy and be eco-friendly this winter and The 3 worst food waste myths you need to stop believing right now to learn more!

2. Climate changefactory

According to a recent UN report, a global warming of 2 degrees Celsius is set to affect our planet in the next 12 years.

This sudden climate change would have catastrophic consequences on the coral reef, sea life, and all ecosystems.

The good news? Cutting greenhouses gases in half would keep global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Want to do your part to mitigate climate change? Here are 5 amazing ways being vegan will save the planet!

3. Declining bee populationclose up of bee on blossom

Did you know that without bees a third of our food supply would disappear?

Sadly, bees are in severe decline due to heavy pesticide use.

Want to save the bees? Check out 3 ways you can help save bees.

You can also support and showcase your love for bees with our Plant These, Save the Bees T-shirt!

4. Deforestationpile of cut off trees

Trees are the lungs of our planet.

Unfortunately, 27 soccer fields of forest is cut down every minute worldwide. Deforestation is responsible for approximately 15 percent of greenhouses gases and causes habitat loss to multiple endangered animal species.

Palm oil is the world’s biggest destructor of tropical rainforests – up to 300 football fields of forest are cleared every hour to grow oil palms! Here’s what you need to know to stop palm oil from destroying the planet.

5. Biodiversity lossmonkey sitting on tagged bridge

Human activity and its environmental impact causes a strain on ecosystems and poses a risk to biodiversity on a large scale.

Billions of species face extinction or have disappeared already.

Want to stop it? The best way is to adopt a plant-based diet and make more sustainable choices.


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