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We all want to waste less water – after all, it’s a precious resource. We all need it to live, and to keep our planet healthy and beautiful!

But there’s great news: You can help save water just by eating a delicious, plant-based diet!

According to Water Footprint Calculator, “On average, the water footprint of a vegan or vegetarian is around half that of a meat eater.”

Eating plant-based isn’t just great for your health, it’s also an environmental game-changer. Check out our infographic below to discover which protein options have the lowest water footprint!

How much water is used to make protein?

Infographic water use for different types of protein


Bonus fact: Just one egg has a water footprint of 52 gallons – that’s 624 for a 12-egg carton!

You can save a lot of water just by switching to a plant-based diet – and luckily, tofu and lentils are super tasty, too.

No wonder veganism is one of the best ways to help save the planet!


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