How to reduce waste and do good this holiday season
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The frenzied holiday season is upon us!

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, Americans fall prey to consumerism and produce 25 percent more waste than any other time of the year.

November 27th is Giving Tuesday. For the occasion, here are 5 easy and eco-friendly ways you can give back to your community and the planet:

1. Volunteer your time.young woman in overalls holding chicken

Whether it’s volunteering at a local animal shelter or supporting a charity close to your heart, your time can be a valuable gift!

Not sure where to start? Check out The best animal charities to support right now.

2. Clean up your station with ipad showing recipe

Food is an important part of the holiday festivities. Why not clean up your pantry and give dry goods or other items you forgot about to your local food bank?

If you’re a great cook, you can also prepare food for a sick family member or friend in your community.

3. Donate old items.woman holding pile of sweaters

Have old books you don’t read anymore? Or clothes you’ve outgrown?

The holidays are a perfect time to tidy up your home and donate items that no longer serve you. Chances are, they will make a great gift for someone else!

4. Repurpose gifts.2 gifts wrapped in white paper and decorative foliage

Holiday shopping can be stressful and certainly wasteful.

Why not make things easier for yourself by finding a new purpose for gifts of Christmas past? (with tact, of course!)

5. Skip the wrapping paper!gift wrapped with blue ribbon

One time use wrapping paper is a big part of the waste produced during the holidays.

By using recycled boxes, old newspapers, and colorful scarfs to present your gifts to family and friends, you can enjoy the festivities and be eco-friendly.

You can even use origami to skip on tape and glue!

Looking for more ways to give back to your community, the animals, and the planet? You have to check out these other posts!

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