The 5 toughest things about being plant-based (and how to stick with it)
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Being plant-based can be tough – it is certainly worth it, but it’s not always a walk in the park. Between trying to appease friends when you dine together to always having to be on the lookout for hidden animal ingredients, sometimes it can feel impossible to be fully vegan.

Luckily, Wholesome Culture is here to offer some easy and helpful tips and tricks to help you stick with your plant-based lifestyle – even when the going gets tough!

1. Dining with family and friends

being plant-based

You never want to feel as if you are holding your friends back. Whether you are trying to decide on a restaurant or going to a friend’s for dinner, it can sometimes feel like you’re being a total stick in the mud when your family and friends tailor their dinner menu or restaurant choice to appease your plant-based lifestyle.

While you may think you are a burden, it is so refreshing to see loved ones make a conscious effort to find food you can actually eat. Relish in how much they care about you!

Instead of worrying about being a pain, give your family and friends plenty of meal and restaurant suggestions that will make everyone happy!

It’s also always nice to cook a vegan meal for friends and family. We’re huge proponents of spreading the plant-based love

If you’re looking for a little cooking inspiration, check out the Wholesome Culture Cookbook, as well as the many plant-based recipes on our blog

Wholesome Culture Cookbook

2. Being wary of hidden ingredients 

You never know what’s in your food, especially in regards to baked goods and smoothies. Just the other day, for example, I found out that the banana cashew nut smoothie I’ve been diligently drinking has ‘fresh milk’ in it. That’s what I get for assuming a venue was using cashew nut milk in a cashew smoothie!

Always ask your server when you are out to eat if there are any animal products in your food if you’re not 100 percent sure (e.g. eggs, dairy, etc.). You are better off being safe than sorry! 

Also, be sure to read the ingredients on some of your favorite ‘vegan’ products, as well. I once saw soy milk that said “contains dairy” on the front of the carton…sneaky! 

Here are a few resources to help you spot sneaky animal ingredients:

dining out

3. Finding a happy medium between being vegan and not being too advocate-y

As vegans, we naturally use social media to share all things plant-based. From the delicious meals we eat to hilarious vegan memes, we simply can’t help ourselves. This can come at a price, however.

Most of the time, my vegan-esque posts are responded to with heart-eye emojis – other times, my inbox will flood with ‘but bacon though’ messages. 

Discourage this behavior by simply not responding to it – it’s not worth your precious vegan time! 

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4. When people think I’m judging them

There is no judgment at the dining room table when those who are plant-based enjoy a meal with someone who is not. In fact, those who live a plant-based lifestyle are likely more concerned about their own meal. If need be, be sure to make it clear that all dining situations are judgment-free.

avocado toast

5. Keeping your mouth shut

When a person questions your plant-based lifestyle, it can be easy to get frustrated by some of the lines of questioning. I am in awe when someone asks me something like, “how can you not like chicken?” 

Of course, I like chicken! I like them so much in fact, that I don’t eat them. 

While it’s easy to point out flaws in these types of arguments, try to take the high road and ignore comments like these.

Did you love this article about being vegan? Do you want even more information about how to live a plant-based life? Then be sure to check out these articles we’ve rounded up for your reading (and dining) pleasure! 

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