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It’s no secret that going plant-based helps to save animals and the planet – but one thing vegans don’t get enough credit for is their sense of humour.

Don’t believe us? Check out these seriously hilarious memes below and just try not to laugh.

Spoiler alert: You will fail.

1. Maintaining a balanced diet

You know what they say about assumptions.

2. When you still need your parents to fund your avocado habit

Adulting is hard.

3. Learn to follow your heart

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Just let fruits and veggies down easy.

4. Dating 

Thank U, Next!

5. When you care too much about saving the planet

Same, tbh.

6. When you get lumped into the general “picky eaters” category

Not the same thing at all, but okay.

7. Wow, what a sacrifice

You keep telling yourself that, Karen.

8. The meal with the best comedic timing

Vegan memes

Salad just got its own Netflix comedy special.

9. Make way for the vegan genius

#LifeHack: Go plant-based.

10. It’s my birthday and I’ll eat if I want to. 


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