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Celery is often written off as boring, basic, and forgettable. In the world of vegetables, you could say it’s overlooked.

However, it’s time we all give celery a second chance – every stock is jam-packed with key nutrients. Plus, celery is delicious – you just need to know how to work with it!

Celery’s a nutritional powerhouse

Celery is super nutrient dense – it packs a ton of vitamins (K, A, and C) while also containing very few calories. Plus, it’s a great source of folate and potassium, both of which your body needs to thrive.

But that’s not all – celery also contains antioxidants, which help you fight cell-damaging free radicals. Who knew that celery could keep you youthful?

Of course, like other vegetables, celery is also a major source of fiber, which is why it makes for such a filling snack! Fiber is also great for regulating blood sugar levels and managing cholesterol.

One little vegetable; so many health benefits

celery benefits

Celery does a body good. Munching on celery can help you:

  • Protect your liver. While the whole “liver cleanse” concept is up for debate, eating celery on a regular basis can help you avoid developing a fatty liver.
  • Fight inflammation. Celery contains several anti-inflammatory compounds like flavones.
  • Neutralize acids. Help your body achieve a better pH balance by consuming alkalizing celery.
  • Improve your digestion. All that fiber is great for your digestive track and can even help combat bloating.

Here’s how to eat (and enjoy) celery

celery recipes

Lately, celery juice has been a major health trend – celebrities and fitness gurus swear by their morning juice rituals. If you don’t own a juicer, here’s how to jump on the trend:

  • Blend up one bunch of celery. Add a little water if your blender needs help getting the job done.
  • Strain out the pulp using a clean mesh produce bag.
  • Chug the juice on an empty stomach (just make sure to eat breakfast afterwards).
  • Freeze the leftover pulp for smoothies – it’s a great source of fiber!

If you want to get retro, try snacking on celery and peanut butter. Sounds crazy, but it’s so satisfying. Celery’s also great with savory dips and spreads like hummus.

If you feel like cooking, there are an unlimited number of incredible recipes that use celery to add some delicious crunch!

Pick the best stalks

celery selection

Go for firm, crisp celery stalks; celery bunches that are loose or floppy are past their prime. Also make sure your celery is a nice shade of pale green – that’s how you know you’ve got the good stuff.

Clean your celery the right way

Anyone who’s ever bought celery knows that sometimes it needs a good scrub. Cut off both ends of the bunch and separate each stalk, then rinse them under cold water until all soil residue is gone.

Proper storage for maximum freshness

celery nutrition

Whole celery bunches should be stored in the crisper, but make sure not to store them in plastic bags – plastic is bad for the planet and traps the ethylene celery produces, making your produce go bad quicker than it should. Instead, store it in a produce bag – just make sure your fridge isn’t too cold.

If you’ve already cut up your celery, try storing it in water – this will help the stalks stay crisp!


Once you get to know celery and its benefits, this once “boring” vegetable just might become your favorite ingredient!

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