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If you’re sick of packing 50 vegan protein bars in your suitcase before a trip, we get you (those bars aren’t light in bulk!).

Thankfully, now more than ever, enjoying a getaway and eating plant-based can be as convenient as it is fun. Whether you’re going on a cross country road trip or flying to Dubai, our phones have changed the vegan-on-vacation game — for the better!

Check out these 9 vegan apps before your next vacation

1. Happy Cow

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No surprise here. HappyCow is a vegan favorite for a reason. Simply enter your city or zip code and you’ll have a list of all the vegan spots nearby at your fingertips. They also offer practical guides like vegan meals on different airlines and veg-friendly bed and breakfasts.

2. Fitt

Craving a yoga class, but don’t know where to go? Fitt has your back. This app features the best healthy eats, workout classes, and outdoor adventures in different cities (primarily in the United States).  And be sure to check out the calendar for a list of upcoming health-minded events in your destination city.

3. Vegaholic

If your travel plans involve drinking alcohol, consider downloading Vegaholic. For $1 you can get your hands on an extensive list of vegan wine, beer, and liquor. We know what you’re thinking, isn’t all wine vegan? Sadly, no. Check out our other blog post on this issue.

4. Yelp

Yelp may sound obvious, but it is a treasure chest of foodie information, especially if you’re traveling with someone who doesn’t eat a vegan diet. Searching “vegan” within the reviews is an easy way to spot the chatter about the plant-based options at restaurants that don’t necessarily cater to vegan eaters. More of a visual person? Take advantage of the photos tab to get a sneak peek of the food and restaurant vibes.

5. Vegan Surprise

Indecisive vegans, rejoice! Vegan Surprise decides which restaurant has your name on it by picking a nearby veggie-friendly spot at random. Perfect for a spontaneous outing or if you’re having one of those “no, you choose” conversations.

6. V Cards

Summing up a vegan diet to people who speak the same language can be a challenge, so explaining it in a different language is another story. V Cards creates a vegan script and translates it into more than 100 languages from Greek to Russian to Arabic.

7. Veggie Pass

Like V Cards, Veggie Pass helps you explain your dietary preferences in 22 different languages. But if you’re totally lost about how to pronounce something, the app also has little drawings (like a chunk of cheese with a red line aka “no cheese”) to help you communicate with images instead of words.

8. Foodsaurus

Foodsaurus is a handy app for double checking if a specific ingredient is vegan. It also translates ingredients into four different languages (English, French, Spanish, and German) for those times when a food label leaves you with more questions than answers.

9. Air Vegan

Some trips involve more airport stays than others, but if you find yourself stuck in an airport waiting for a delayed flight (hello, pretty much every vacation that involves a plane) then Air Vegan may be worth the $1.99 investment. The app highlights which terminals have plant-based options and rates airports with colors based on its veggie friendliness (green is good, red is not so much).

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