Amazing and surprising ways animals are helping save the planet 
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Did you ever wonder if there was a David Attenborough of the animal kingdom? Luckily for Mother Earth, there are actually several species that are aiding the planet in more ways than one, whether they know it or not! Keep reading to find out all the amazing and surprising ways animals are helping the planet.

1. Caterpillars

Plastic is a big problem – according to the Huffington Post, landfills by 2050 are slated to have as much plastic waste in them as the weight of 350,000 Empire State Buildings. Luckily for us, there is one animal that actually has the ability to eat through this harmful material: moth caterpillars! 

According to BBC News, in under one hour, moth caterpillars were able to create holes in plastic bags. Their larvae can degrade the chemical bonds of plastic similar to the way this animal eats wax in beehives. 

How great would it be if we could hire these guys to clean up landfills?

moth Caterpillars help save the planet by eating plastic

2. Elephants

In addition to being herbivores, elephants aid the planet by helping to maintain forests and savannah ecosystems. Elephants even act as gardeners of sorts – their poo helps tree regenerate as seeds are distributed through their digestive tract! 

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Elephants help the environment with tree regeneration

3. Bees

We need bees for many reasons. For one, they play an incredibly important role in keeping nature at its best by pollinating plants to aid in their growth. They also transfer pollen between plants to keep the cycle of life very much alive! In addition, many of the plants we rely on for food are actually pollinated by bees. They are even responsible for one in every three bites we eat!

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4. Whales

Just like elephants, a whale’s poop plays an important role in the environment by offsetting carbon in the atmosphere. It also helps maintain a stable food chain with a huge appetite. This balance plays a large role in the balance of the ecosystem in our oceans!

Whales help the environment

5. Birds

Birds are jacks and jills of all trades, and their role in the environment has a much larger reach than we realize. Some of the things they do include: aiding in pest control and keeping the food chain in proper order. They also help the reproduction of plants by spreading seeds and pollen, just like bees!


Birds help save the planet by spreading seeds

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