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On the eve of a brand new decade, here are 11 things we’re going to stop doing in 2020 — so that we can start feeling even happier. 🦋

11 Things we’re giving up in 2020

1. Saying “yes” to things that don’t lift us up.

Positive reminders

Sometimes saying “no” is saying “yes” to ourselves (and Mother Nature). 

2. Criticizing ourselves for our imperfections.

Maya Angelou

We’re still good humans even if we forget our reusable bags or bamboo straws every once in a while. We’re all just doing the best we can! 

3. Giving negativity more attention than it deserves.

Good vibes

Swap the negative with the positive. And repeat. And again. 

4. Trying to do everything eco-friendly all at once.

There’s bamboo toothbrushes, shampoo bars, natural deodorants, metal razors, and toothpaste bits. And that’s just in the bathroom! We love all of these things (so much) but sometimes it can feel SO overwhelming/pricey to make all of these changes at once.

Instead, our 2020 goal is to make mindful choices and really stick with them — and gradually add to our eco-friendly toolkit over time.  

5. Explaining our plant-based protein intake to people who ask but don’t actually care.

Why aren’t we passed this yet!? 

6. Looking at our phones right when we wake up… and right before we go to sleep.


Stretching, petting a furry friend, or even just breathing for a minute or two is better for our mental health than looking straight at our screens. 

7. Judging.

A little more kindness a little less judgementTo each their own. Like our crew shows, “A little more kindness, a little less judgement.” 

8. Listening to other people’s opinions more than our own.

Sure, advice can be nice — but, ultimately, we are the ones living our own individual lives. Our independent thoughts matter (and they can so easily get lost amid the opinions of co-workers, friends, family, neighbors, your favorite yoga teacher, the list goes on and on). 

9. Getting into a kitchen rut.

Plant-based cooking

We’ve got our go-to meals, but this 2020 we have a whole new energy to branch out and get a little bolder in the kitchen! 

10. Talking about how busy we are.

It’s super easy to be guilty of this one. But as Mindy Kaling wisely said, “No one ever wants to hear how stressed out anyone else is, because most of the time everyone is stressed out.” #Truth 

11. Putting life on pause because we’re waiting for ______.  

DreamSpending too much time waiting around for the “right moment” can make life feel like one big waiting room. Go on the hike, book the camping trip, make the road trip happen. This year, let’s all go after it — whatever “it” may be for you! 

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