Hit the road! How to have the most planet-friendly road trip
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Sometimes we all need some open space, the road, and a good soundtrack. And if you’re craving a getaway without the price tag (or carbon footprint) of a plane ride, a road trip just may be the perfect escape for you. 

Before you hit the road and load up the trunk, check out these planet-friendly tips to make your road trip good for you and the Earth. 

Your planet-friendly road trip checklist

  1. Give your wheels some TLC

Make sure you have air in your tires, a quality air filter, and good oil levels. Also, try to maintain a consistent speed (avoid harsh braking and accelerating) while you’re driving. These little tweaks will improve your gas mileage from start to finish.

  1. Go gadget-free (whenever possible)

go gadget free on your planet-friendly road trip

This is a hard one, but try to embrace the road with tech-free entertainment like good conversation, blissful silence, and the license plate game. But, realistically, we realize that we all rely on our devices pretty much everywhere, so try to opt for reusable batteries and solar chargers whenever possible.  

Also, don’t forget to unplug your home appliance while you’re away. You won’t have a need for that TV or coffee machine when you’re out and about

  1. Remember your reusables

bring Wholesome Culture's bamboo straws on your planet-friendly road trip

Pack all your reusable supplies to save waste on the road:

Want to go the extra mile? Bring a reusable container for meals on-the-go to avoid using any styrofoam and plastic containers.

pack Wholesome Culture's bamboo utensils on your planet-friendly road trip

  1. Embrace an itinerary 

Of course, getting lost every now and then will happen. But having an itinerary in your back pocket will minimize back-tracking, which saves money and gas. Sketching a route in advance is the best bet for an efficient trip (especially if WiFi gets weak on the road!). 

take the scenic route on your planet-friendly road trip

Here are some of our favorite scenic road trips in North America:

  • Alaska Highway (Dawson Creek, BC, to Delta Junction, AK)
  • The Oregon Trail (Missouri to Oregon)
  • Pacific Coast Highway (Crescent City to San Diego)
  1. Eat locally

Check out local farmers markets, independent coffee shops, and hidden vegan restaurant gems. Exploring the local scene can turn a small town in an unfamiliar city into a forever favorite spot.

  1. Be green while you sleep

go camping on your planet-friendly road trip

Camping is one of the cheapest and most sustainable ways to be green on the road. But if you’re not feeling a tent and sleeping bag, consider green motels/hotels and sustainable AirBnBs. 

Checkout some green-friendly spots to consider on your travels:

  1. Pack light

The lighter your load, the more fuel-efficient you’ll be. Creating a packing checklist is an easy way to avoid overpacking and by picking clothing items you can mix-and-match, you’ll be more likely to rewear things. 

Travel tip: bring more neutral colors. They coordinate easily with lots of different outfits, which will make them easier to throw on with whatever is clean. 

  1. Bring homemade snacks

Chocolate Peanut Butter Energy Bites from the Wholesome Culture Cookbook
Chocolate Peanut Butter Energy Bites from the Wholesome Culture Cookbook

Nothing beats a little taste of home on the road. Pack some of your favorite homemade snacks before you hit the road. Even better, transport them in reusable packaging like Square One bags.


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